Orders: Customers can place orders via our wholesale website, emailing wholesale@consciousstep.com or by calling the wholesale line at +1 646-645-4046. Orders will ship within 3-5 days unless communicated otherwise. Once goods are committed and sold, Conscious Step is not beholden to returns on any items that the customer could not sell further. Orders will be split shipped, backordered items will ship separately from at once inventory when back in stock.

Defective merchandise: We stand behind our socks. Defective merchandise will always be accepted as long as they returned within 7 days of receipt and the damage was not a result of unpacking the product. Item(s) will either be replaced at no cost of full credit will be issued.

Shipping discrepancies: All shipping errors and shortage claims must be reported in 7 days of receipt of goods.

Credit terms: All invoices are due net 30 from ship date unless stated otherwise. Merchandise must be paid within the terms and in US Dollars. Payments can be issued via card or check.

Conscious Step may grant extensions on special basis but will stop shipping new orders until past balances are cleared.

Minimum advertised price: The MAP for all products is the price at which Conscious Step retails the product. For example, for a single crew pair, this is $15.95, for a crew box $44.95, for a solid color crew box $39.95 and so on. Customers cannot sell at prices below Conscious Step’s own MSRP, which can be checked on consciousstep.com. Customers also need to approve any discounts with the Conscious Step team before running them: customers cannot steeply discount Conscious Step, hence cheapening the brand.

E-Commerce: Customers may not resell the product on third party websites and marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay. If the customers add new sales channels after signing this agreement, they must be approved before Conscious Step products go live on the channel.

Marketing and Advertising: Customers may use Conscious Step’s marketing assets, including photos, copy and messaging, branding and logos, in their stores and on their own websites. The usage of the assets must be line with Conscious Step’s values and style. Customers cannot use our brand and creative assets to promote products and messages that go against our values.

Customers must also respect Conscious Step’s input in how the product should be showcased and promoted. If Conscious Step has a grievance in the above regards, it reserves the right to revoke access to its marketing.

Customers may also use Conscious Step’s brand and creatives assets to advertise to new audiences, digital or offline. However, customers cannot solely leverage Conscious Step’s brand or a specific product for advertising. The ads must promote the customer’s own store or marketing event, and can use a Conscious Step product as a part of its larger collection. For example, it’s acceptable to run a holiday, Father’s Day, or back to school gifting campaign and featuring Conscious Step as one product from the customer’s collection. It’s not acceptable to run an ad for a specific Conscious Step product that does not focus on the customer’s own store and marketing, but uses solely uses Conscious Step’s product and brand to drive traffic.

Customers cannot leverage creative assets and messaging in a way that competes with Conscious Step’s own advertising. Customers cannot promote pre-order items that have not been released on Conscious Step’s own ecommerce site.